Meet The Escale Yachting Dynamic Team

Experience since 1987


Escale Yachting, founded by Denis Kyriazis in 1987, is the first Greek Maritime Agency specializing in yacht charters with a concept of organizing your Greek sailing holiday beyond all expectations. Based on Syros island, the capital of the Cyclades, Escale Yachting is an international team of passionate, enthusiastic and professional sailors with a vast experience of the marine environment.

Denis Kyriazis - Founder of Escale Yachting

Our goals

  • To help you discover and enjoy sailing on the sea.
  • To help beginners discover and learn basic operations on board a sailing boat.
  • To help more experienced sailors progress their skills.
  • To create your perfect dream holiday!
Our Sailing Yacht : Jonathan

Denis Kyriazis

Skipper & Founder

Denis is half French, half Greek and born in Bretagne region of Paris. He worked for nearly 15 years in cultural associations in the Paris region. Passionate about sailing on the open sea he decided to move to Greece where he founded Escale Yachting. Since then he has been sailing in the Aegean and offers sailboat charter holidays in Greece as well as other areas globally. As a pedagogue and lover of the sea he participates in teaching others to sail. Many skippers have been taught and perfected by him. He is also an instructor for the Greek Skipper’s License at the Yacht Club of Syros.

 “Pleasure is sailing in itself and away from tourist crowds, sailing around the islands in your own rhythm gives everybody a feeling of freedom and discovery. A successful sailing trip is a combination between people on board the boat and nature and all this I love to share with others. An invitation is extended to all seafarers to travel with us and make this dream a reality.” Denis

Suzanna Stok

Partner & Yoga Teacher

Suzanna settled and stayed on Syros for more than 20 years, half of her life time. As a full partner and collaborator of Escale Yachting, she plays an important role in the management and development of the company.

 She is Dutch and also speaks French, English and Greek. Practicing yoga for more than 15 years, she will help you to meet your body and find tranquility, relaxation, through Iyengar yoga, stretching therapy and massage. Suzanna is also an experienced sailor, on board she will make your sailing enjoyable. Through her encounters she will also help you to appreciate the Greek culture by teaching you traditional dances. For her, combining the sea, the practice of sailing and yoga in the Cyclades is a magical experience. A great discovery.

Peggy Stergiou

Admin / Secretary

Peggy is Greek and originates from a very old family from Syros island which is the capital of the Cyclades. Always in a happy mood, Peggy will be at your disposal for any requests for information you may require. She will give you all information about your stay … she likes meeting people and has a strong desire to establish links between them. 

She holds a Diploma in French Studies from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and has been a French teacher. She is also fluent in Italian and English. She was responsible for hosting and coordinating the Olympic teams in the Cyclades during the 2014 Olympics. She has worked in administration and in particular the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce. Knowing Greece very well, she will guide you in this very living culture and will help you to discover more, to decode these mysteries, far from the tourist flow.

Yann Claassen


Yann is 49 years old and is a federal sailing instructor at Glénans. He is fluent in English and German. He is a lover of Greece and he will make you share his passion …

“You dream of Greece and its islands! I sailed from France to the West Indies, from the China Sea to Croatia … And for me, the most authentic sailing area remains the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades. It is the paradise of sailing. Greece is a fabulous country where you will find wild and mineral landscapes. We will be almost alone on the water and at the stopover we will have the pleasure of docking in small fishing harbors and at the welcoming tavernas. Ulysses has wandered 10 years to return home to Ithaca, for us it will be a week of sailing in its wake, to visit its preserved islands, to the discovery of the Greek culture and hospitality”. Yann.9

Flavien Gaton


Flavien was born in 1986 and trained at the Sailing school of Glénans in Brittany. He has held a certificate of state obtained at the National School of Sailing for over 10 years.

“I spent several years practicing at the Glénans as a trainer and then in various positions where I discovered new areas of sailing especially the West Indies …”

“I would therefore like to welcome you on our charter holidays to pass on my knowledge to you and share my experience and my passion for sailing. By involving you at your own pace in maneuvers during sailing you will have the pleasure to live aboard a boat propelled by the force of the wind with a sensation of freedom … To you discover new landscapes! The sparkling villages of whiteness, the small fishing ports and the creeks with clear waters make this zone of sailing … a paradise!”

Raphaël Kyriazis


After growing up between France and Greece, doing several sailing courses, and a few long sea
crossings, Raphaël joined the Escale Yachting team. Having scoured the waves of the Aegean Sea for
years and knowing this navigation area perfectly, he will be delighted to show you the Greek islands
and their unique flavor.

Raphaël has a fairly comprehensive sailing training, having attended several sailing centers, such as
the Glenans in Brittany, then worked for years with different companies as a second, later obtaining
the Greek skipper diploma, and embarking on a sailboat for more than eight months from France to
Senegal, he will be able to share with you his maritime experience, and his sailing education. In
addition, he will be happy to make you listen to some traditional melodies.

Dylan Ramses Sturm


Ramses Sturm is our youngest skipper at the age of 29. Dylan grew up on Syros and around the beautiful Cyclades Islands. Dylan speaks fluent Greek, English and Dutch. He has great knowledge of the Greek culture and habits and became a naturally talented sailor at very young age! After growing up around real sailors and local fisherman he mastered some very skillful fishing techniques and if you’re lucky you will experience these on board. Since a very young age he joined the crew while sailing and many times he caught the tasty fish for dinner on board! Dylan first experienced sailboats at the age of 3 and became well accustomed to yachts, the sea and the Cycladic Islands.

At the age of 21 he got his professional Royal Yachting Association skipper license in The Netherlands. With wintertime work in Amsterdam and the summer season in Greece he is living the best of both worlds!

Nicolas Vagher


Nicolas, 39, holds a RYA Yacht Master skipper degree.

“My childhood in the Aegean Sea and my love for the sea and nature brought me to practice sailing and I found my job very quickly. At the age of 18 I was already a professional skipper. With dual citizenship I am fluent in Greek and French but also speak English and I can get along with Spanish. My working experience as a skipper is rich in chartering and also with private yacht owners.”

From 2010 to 2013 I worked as a skipper on a great yacht that gave me the opportunity to sail through the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Brazil, the United Etas, the West Indies and the Azores. Today I can say that Greece and especially the Aegean remains for me a unique and beautiful place and I always come back! The climate, the Meltemi, history and nature that remains wild even in high season, authenticity, the freedom of this country is for me ideal for sailing.

Patrik Pereira Renato


Patrik has logged 30,000+ miles of sailing. Born in Holland and raised in Italy, he is fluent in English, Italian, and is comfortable in both Spanish and Greek. He has been sailing the Greek waters for over 10 years, and learned to sail from some of the most experienced and well-regarded skippers in Greece. These experiences instilled diligence and passion in his work.

Patrik has extensive knowledge of the Greek islands and knows the best harbors, bays and villages to visit. So, he knows exactly where to go to fit your vacations needs and desires.

Patrik is friendly and outgoing, and you are sure to feel comfortable with him on board. He knows his boat inside out, handles her with extreme ease, and will always make sure your safety comes first. Want to learn? Patrik loves to demonstrate and teach the basics of sailing, and would happily do this with you.

Toby Frick


Toby is a Swedish guy who lived and sailed in Greece the past 5 years. He knows these waters very well and will take you to some breathtaking places. With more than 40 years of sailing under his belt and experiences ranging from Atlantic crossings, sailing the Pacific and the North Sea we can guarantee you’re in good hands.

Besides being service minded, a good cook and an adventurer Toby is also a certified kitesurfing and diving instructor. With all the different water-sport gear onboard he will be able to help you in whatever you want to try.

Malo Heurteaux


Malo is Escale Yachting’s newest member. Young trainee full of enthusiasm, passionate about sailing, Malo is Escale Yachting’s new mate.

Freshly arrived from Brittany, more mainly from Concarneau where he studied at the Nautical Institute of Brittany, he has come to discover a new navigation area.

He will be present this season to guide you and help you make the best of your cruise in the Cyclades.

Sindbad the sailor


Sindbad the sailor, the boss’s dog. Denis never sails without his faithful companion.

The Bichon Maltese, was already very widespread from antiquity in the Mediterranean basin, cited
by Aesop and Aristotle. The Maltese word means “place upon” in Phoenician and this is the origin of the name Malta. This breed of dog was used aboard boats of the time to protect food supplies against looters of all kinds.

Very social, he will quickly become the ship’s mascot. Another advantage is that it does not shed
these hairs so there is no risk of allergy