Sailing Charter Holidays in The Cyclades Islands, Greece

A bright sun, hospitality, an exceptional history: Greece

In the middle of the Aegean, the Cyclades are the most famous of the Greek islands. Since ancient times, the history of Greece goes through them.

With distances generally less than 20 miles hundreds of islands available to the traveller. You will have the pleasure of leaving a land to discover another barely visible on the horizon.

Prices and Calendar 2022

Low season: 860 € per person

Departures from 17th of April to 26th June and from 28th August to Sunday 23rd October.


High season: 990 € per person 

Departures from 3rd of Jully to 21st of August.


Single supplement: + 70% (non shared cabin).


Children’s price (from 7 to 12 years old): 70%.


Departures are guaranteed every Sunday from 4 participants.

Prices include: Accommodation on the sailboat, bedding and skipper services.

A Board kitty of 380 € per week and per person is constituted including, the meals taken on board and in the tavern (skipper included), the expenses of port, water, fuel and the cleaning of the sailboat at the end of cruise . 260 €  for child until 12 years old. 
Bar consumptions, transfers, car rental, visits to sites and museums are not included in the dashboard.

The skippers

Our skippers are francophone or anglophone, they know the navigation area and are ready to help you participate in maneuvers aboard the boat. At the stopover, the skipper will tell you the possible visits and he will do his best to facilitate the discovery of the islands during your cruise. But he is not responsible for the visit … He does not have the function of guide at the stopover.

Life on board

On board, you can participate in maneuvers and navigation, daily tasks are shared, kitchen, dishes, cleaning the boat, refueling. All this is done in a good mood and in a friendly atmosphere.

In our cruises, you are part of the crew. You will be asked to participate in the life of the boat!

Period of navigation

April / May until mid-June: The islands offer you a spring very sunny and full of flowers, filled with Mediterranean smells. Moderate winds accentuated by a thermal breeze favor a family navigation. The sea still fresh in April is quickly welcoming from May.

Mid-June / July / August: A hot and dry summer, with sailing days more “sporting”, thanks to a wind of North sector: the “Meltem”. You will enjoy beautiful evenings, from the twilight sweetness of a wild anchorage to the bustling heat of one of the ports of the Cyclades.

September / October: “A beautiful autumn that does not fear the winter”. The winds become moderate again. After the summer, calm and rest. Shorter days, but with the most beautiful sunsets … Warmed all summer, the sea is an ideal sweetness. Navigation and warm weather for those who fear the summer heat.

We can organize other cruise programs for you, different period, itinerary, navigation zone… 

Private Charter – Low season 4640 € / High season 5400 € 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to sail somewhere other than in the Cyclades! Tell us where you want to sail in Greece, from 4 participants we can organize cruises elsewhere than in the Cyclades … the Saronic Gulf and the Peloponnese, the Dodecanese and the Turkish coast, the islands of the Ionian Sea, or the Sporades .

2 itineraries from SANTORINI and from MYKONOS

One-week cruise departing from Santorini

A tour that allows you to discover the wilder islands of the small Cyclades to Amorgos, the island where the film was shot the Big Blue.

The itinerary is given as an indication and can be modified according to the weather conditions for the comfort and safety of the crew.


Sunday Santorini – Boarding in Santorini from 18 hours. Meet at the Limanaki tavern at the entrance of Vlichada Marina. Welcome aboard sailboats. Provision and visit for those who want the village of Thira overlooking the Caldera … Meals at the tavern.

Monday: Santorini / Oia / Ios – 25 miles (5h of navigation) Incomparable walk under sail in the Caldera. Lunch at the foot of the village of Oia. Arrival in the afternoon at Ios, Island where Homer rests … In a deep bay, you will discover on the heights, its beautiful Cycladic village of the same name as the island, called Nios by the locals … Meals at the tavern.

Tuesday: Ios / Folegandros – 20 miles (4 hours sailing) Departure at the end of the morning for Folegandros, mooring at the small port of Karavostati … At the top you can discover a picturesque Cycladic village “la Chora” with its impressive drop with its bird’s-eye view Aegean. Do not miss the visit of its church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, its former “Kastro” (medieval castle). Evening meal in a lively tavern.

Wednesday: Folegandros / Sikinos / Small Cyclades – 25 miles (5h of navigation) Windward sailing from Sikinos and anchorage around noon in a creek, meals on board and swimming … then sailing to the small Cyclades, set of islands south of Naxos, Iraklia, Skinoussa, Koufounissi … Walk and anchorage in these islands barely touched by tourism, wild coves and beautiful beaches of fine sand with crystal clear waters.

Thursday: Small Cyclades / Amorgos – 20 miles (4 hours of navigation) The island of Big Blue, arrived in the middle of the afternoon at the port of Katapola. Visit the village of Chora overlooking the vast bay of Vathy. Do not miss the pretty walk to the east of the island to the monastery of Haroviotissa clinging to the cliff …

Friday: Amorgos / Ios – 25 miles (5 hours sailing) In the early afternoon, sail to the beautiful Manganari beach south of Ios and anchor at night in this bay. Meals on board or at the tavern.

Saturday: Ios / Santorini – 25 miles (5 hours of sailing). Return to Santorini at the Vlichada Marina, possibility to organize a cellar visit to Pirgos and to taste the famous wines of Santorini tradition (1700 BC) such as Vinsanto, Assyrtico, Nykteri …

Sunday: Santorini – Storage and disembarkation around 10am of the sailboat. For those who wish, the skipper can arrange transfers from the port of Vlichada (bus, taxi, car rental …).

Santorin-FR PDF File



One week cruise from Mykonos

A tour that will allow you to discover the traditional and varied aspects of the Cyclades Islands. A navigation to the circle from Mykonos, heading south to Paros and then west to meet the picturesque islands of Sifnos and Serifos.

The itinerary is given as an indication and can be modified according to the weather conditions for the comfort and safety of the crew.


Sunday: Mykonos – Boarding from 18:00, at the new marina of Mykonos, Tourlos (go to the tavern Matthew’s at the entrance of the marina). Welcome aboard the sailboats and presentation of the cruise. For those who wish, visit Mykonos the Greek St.Tropez, famous for its mills, pelican and nightlife. Meal at the tavern in the evening.

Monday: Mykonos / Paros – 25 miles (4-5h of navigation) Passage past Delos the largest archaeological site of the Cyclades dedicated to Apollo. Anchorage for a swim and lunch in a wild cove in Rhinia. Arrived late afternoon in Paros at the Naoussa marina. Visit and walk in this village with Cycladic charm which was an old Venetian counter. Meal at the tavern at night by the water.

Tuesday: Paros / Antiparos – 20 miles (4 hours sailing) Departure in the morning, sailing between Paros and Antiparos, with a stopover halfway in a wild cove for swimming and lunch. In the late afternoon anchorage in a vast cove one of the most protected Cyclades. Walk on the small wild and uninhabited island of Despotiko. In the evening meal on board.

Wednesday: Antiparos / Sifnos – 20 miles (4 hours sailing) Departure in the morning for Sifnos, arrival in the middle of the afternoon in Vathy Bay. Very well protected from the prevailing winds, with its chapel and its long sandy beach it is one of the most pleasant anchorages of the Cyclades. Do not miss the visit of Kastro, a beautiful little Venetian citadel on the east coast, as well as the village of Apollonia, which continues to stretch on the ridge of the island.

Thursday: Sifnos / Serifos 25 miles (5 hours sailing) Arrival late afternoon in Syros, the pearl of the Cyclades. Walk in the city of Ermoupolis, capital of the Cyclades, the name of the god of the Hermes trade, but also thieves … Splendid neoclassical city with its two hills Orthodox and Catholic. The city is renowned for its delicacies (Turkish delight, nougats) and its many welcoming taverns.

Friday: Serifos / Syros – 25 miles (5 hours sailing) Arrival late afternoon in Syros, the pearl of the Cyclades. Walk in the city of Ermoupolis, capital of the Cyclades, the name of the god of the Hermes trade, but also thieves … Splendid neoclassical city with its two hills Orthodox and Catholic. The city is renowned for its delicacies (Turkish delight, nougats) and its many welcoming taverns.

Saturday: Syros / Delos / Mykonos – 20 miles (4 hours sailing) In the morning, before leaving for Mykonos, if you have the courage, do not forget to climb to the citadel of Ano Syros, the first Catholic village of the Aegean, the view of the port is superb. After 2h30 of navigation, wild anchorage to Rhinia (sister island of Delos) and return to Mykonos at the end of the afternoon.

Sunday: Mykonos – Storage and disembarkation around 10am of the sailboat. For those who wish, the skipper can organize transfers from the tavern Matthew’s of the port of Tourlos (bus, taxi, car rental …).

Mykonos-FR PDF File

Living on a sailboat is a little different than living on land and there are some rules to respect but so much joy to discover … Some information and recommendations to make your stay more enjoyable.

Embarkation and disembarkation

As part of our Sailing Active cruises in the Cyclades, boarding is scheduled at 6 pm and disembarkation at 10 am unless previously agreed. A boarding pass will be communicated to each participant with the name and the name of the skipper and the person responsible for all cruises. We recommend that everyone contact us beforehand to confirm the boarding.


The shopping at the supermarket made at the beginning of the week with the board kitty as well as the provisioning if necessary make it possible to prepare good lunches alternately by all the crew of the sailboat, skipper included … We are always delighted to discover new recipes.

In the evening, we dine in small authentic restaurants, taverns to discover the tasty dishes of this country. We also organize tasty barbecues, as in the days of buccaneers.

A typical day:

  • > In the morning, wake up between 8 and 9 am, breakfast on board, refueling, storage, preparation for navigation.
  • > Departure, around 9/10 hours, step 4 to 6 hours depending on the distance and the winds with, if the course allows, a pose at noon for meals and swimming. A navigation allowing everyone to fine tune the settings and regatta friendly. The skipper listening to your expectations will initiate you or improve you.
  • > Around 17h-18 hours, end of the stage, the sailboat moored in a harbor or at anchor in a wild cove, will allow everyone to relax and enjoy the clear waters of the Aegean or visit the typical aspects of the stopover.
  • > The aperitif comes naturally and around a traditional glass of Ouzo, the crew exchanged his impressions and “exploits” of the day.
  • > In the evening, dinner at the tavern, discovery and tasting of Greek cuisine but also cooking aboard the crew in a friendly atmosphere. Presentation of the next day, before slipping into the soft Aegean night.


Take in a soft bag, easy to store:

  • > Light clothing, protecting the skin from sunburns
  • > Filter sunglasses
  • > A hat that holds to the head
  • > Sun cream
  • > Sport shoes and white-soled shoes for the boat
  • > Towels (Beach and Shower)
  • > Sweaters and waxed (despite the sun it is necessary to protect from wind and spray)
  • > A down (If you are chilly and depending on the season).


Do not forget:

  • > Passport or valid ID, sailing license and boat license (if you have one)
  • > If you already have a sailing license or are learning, we offer you the opportunity to complete your experience and acquire the nautical miles necessary for your training.
  • > We report any health problem before boarding (food allergies, medical necessities …)


You do not need:

  • > Sheets, blankets, pillows
  • > No vaccine is needed


Medicine and pharmacy

If you are on treatment, do not forget your personal medications because it will be difficult to find the equivalent without a prescription. No particular vaccination is to be expected. An anti-mosquito lotion can be useful for outings in the evening.

The board kitty

The board kitty is built on site to cover all expenses of the week. It allows a pool of expenses so that each team member is tied. It includes, meals taken on board and at the restaurant (skipper included), postage, full of water and fuel oil, customs and administrative taxes (depending on the place of navigation), maintenance of bedding …

It does not include transfers, car or scooter rental, visits to sites and museums, personal purchases (souvenirs etc …) and bar consumptions.

Itineraries and weather

On the whole the route will be respected, but for cases of major forces and weather it can be adapted. No refund can be requested in case of immobilization of the boat for meteorological reasons. In this case the skipper will find with the crew replacement activities ashore.

In any case, the skipper must first and foremost be concerned about the safety of the passengers and the sailboat. Our yachts are perfectly adapted to the navigation zones that we propose. But from a wind of force 7, the boat will be immobilized for security reasons. This can happen, but rarely more than 24 hours.

Families and children

We will be able to have some families with children on board, the minimum age is 7 years old and they will have to know how to swim. In general, young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. We try to make a distribution between the sailboats to homogenize the groups. Note that the cruise program is for the entire crew, it is not organized specifically for children.

We therefore advise families to rent a private skipper, which will adapt the circuit and navigation time.


If the participants are satisfied, it is customary at the end of the cruise to leave a tip to the skipper,,30 € per person on board is a good basis.

How much time do you sail on average each day?

Every morning your skipper presents you the day’s journey. If you are sailing in the Cyclades, the navigations between the islands do not exceed 35 miles.

The nautical mile (or nautical mile) is the unit of distance used in sea and air navigation. Its distance (1,852 meters) is not arbitrary: it corresponds to the length of a minute of degree of latitude measured on the equator. The speed expressed in knots is based on the nautical mile: a knot corresponds to a nautical mile of the hour.

Our sailboats are moving in the wind but their average is about 6 knots per hour. We must therefore count a small average of 5 to 6 hours of navigation per day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But do not worry, every night we arrive safely!

How to fight against seasickness?

A sailboat moves, it “rolls” from one side to the other, gently following the pitch of the waves. This roll may seem uncomfortable at first and when one is not used to being on board. The seasickness can take different forms, according to the degrees of sensitivity of the person: drowsiness, slight nausea, nausea, tiredness.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for seasickness! However, do not worry, if you are sensitive to the rolling of the sailboat, you will be getting up fast! The first navigation passed, your body will automatically adjust to the movements of the boat and from the second exit, you will not feel anything.

There are, however, in addition to drugs that you can buy in advance in your pharmacy (ask your pharmacist for advice!) Techniques proven to avoid seasickness:

  • > Preferably settle in the center of the boat, because this is where the stability is at its best, preferring the well-ventilated areas and of course avoiding the enclosed areas! Do not look for a forgotten book in your cabin at the bottom of your bag for example!
  • > Look away. If you are sensitive to seasickness, do not read, do not smoke and avoid watching the boat’s movements or wake, which could trigger a feeling of dizziness.
  • > To sleep. Your skipper will look after you and bring you to your destination! It is there to ensure your safety, you can sleep peacefully if seasickness occurs, with confidence!


Are we sailing at night?

This will reassure some and may disappoint others, but no sailing active cruise is not sailing at night. The night is made to sleep and rest. We arrive after beautiful windy days in small sheltered and quiet ports or in large quiet bays for anchorages.

On the other hand, if you are sailing on a transatlantic, we ask all the crew to actively participate in the night shifts. Everyone must keep his watch to ensure the safety and smooth running of the ship. It is a question of organization and discipline on board. And the opportunity also to contemplate each night of the rain of shooting stars and to feel this particular atmosphere of night sailing. In transatlantic, a new rhythm settles and it takes you to the other side of the ocean!

What is an anchorage?

Wetting a vessel is the act of throwing the anchor properly, so that it holds, that it is ticking and that the ship is safe for the duration of the anchorage (Often a night). It is done in a bay or a sheltered cove of the prevailing wind so that the boat is safe. The anchorage is an opportunity to organize barbecue on the beach, then take the annex to bring to shore all the necessary utensils. It is a small adventure that often delight young and old!

Are there showers on board?

Yes ! There are showers aboard our sailboats and they provide hot water. Often an interior cabin, sometimes two and always a shower on the rear deck. But as you know, the boat is an autonomous space, it is connected nowhere. This is why water is a precious reserve on board and should not be wasted. Every time we arrive at the port, we hook the boat on the water from the dock to fill the tanks. On this occasion, you can obviously take the showers on the aft deck or in the interior cabin. We recommend using biodegradable soaps to maximize the marine environment.

We are going to port pretty much one night so you will not miss a shower! However, on wetting nights, we will advise you not to use too much water.

Reservations and methods of payment

Your reservation must be made in writing and returned to us by e-mail, fax or mail. To carry out the contract and the crew list vis-à-vis the administrative authorities, Escale Yachting needs the following information for each participant: Surname, first name, date of birth, nationality, number of the identity card or passport. This information is confidential and will not be disclosed for purposes other than those defined above.

A deposit of 50% on booking, the balance 4 weeks before departure is required for the settlement of each cruise. The payment of the deposit and the totality of the cruise implies that the participant accepts all of our terms and conditions. We will definitely confirm your cruise by e-mail or mail at the reception in advance.

Price and board kitty

There are two weekly prices, one for high season and one for low season. A single 70% surcharge is required for single cabin occupancy. The price for children from 7 to 12 years and 70% of the adult rate for the first child and 50% for the second child (it is the same for the board kitty).

The price includes: Accommodation on the yacht (in a double room shared with a double bed or bunk beds depending on availability), skipper services, bedding and linen, towel and insurance on board. For additional fees a chat tip is set up: 320 € per person per week is estimated.

The skipper keeps a record of all expenses in a book that can be viewed at any time by the participants.

If the number of participants is small (less than 4 people), it is possible that the amount of the cash register is not enough. In this case, we will ensure that the individual cost does not exceed the lump sum by organizing more meals on board and less in taverns.

The board kitty is to be paid on the spot in cash.

Major damage

After embarkation and in case of damage requiring the immobilization of the boat which would not be caused by the participants, Escale Yachting will grant the refund or the replacement of the days lost, not including the first 24 hours of immobilization; This clause does not cover damage to auxiliary machinery other than propulsion machinery.


If during the cruise you have problems and you have reason to complain you must immediately inform the skipper and the secretariat Escale Yachting.


All sailboats and crew members are insured in case of accidents and serious damage but if, during the cruise, you happen to lose or damage something, you must replace or refund it . For any damage or loss of material, caused by the crew during a maneuver or other, a deposit of 50 € maximum per person will be used to cover the costs of repair or replacement.

We advise each participant to take out repatriation insurance.

Documents for your trip

All participants in the cruise must have a valid identity card or passport. If the participant does not have this document he will not be able to participate in the cruise. In this case no compensation or refund could be requested.

Physical and medical conditions

Each participant on the cruise declares on their honor to be able to practice sailing and to have the physical and moral conditions to do so. Any medical follow-up must be reported to Escale Yachting at the time of booking. Participants taking medication or who may be in a particular situation requiring special care during the cruise must also report it to the skipper.

Guaranteed departures

Departures are guaranteed from 4 participants per cruise. If the number of participants is not required, we can combine our cruise programs. We can also cancel the cruise if the number of participants is not enough. In this case we refund the full amount paid, without the participant can claim any compensation (21 days before the scheduled date of departure of the cruise).

Cancellation conditions

We may have to cancel the cruise less than 21 days before the departure date for security reasons, social events, strikes, natural disasters. In this case, we will refund all fees already paid for each participant. All expenses incurred by you, other than the cruise, remain at your expense.

If you cancel your trip, you must inform us in writing. The date of receipt determines the fees retained on the amount of the cruise. No charge more than 30 days before departure, 25% from 29 to 21 days before departure, 50% from 20 to 8 days before departure, 75% from 7 to 2 days before departure, 100% less than 2 days before leaving.

In case of cancellation on your part 50 € will be retained for secretarial expenses.