Sailing Charter Holidays In The Caribbean

Sailing Charters

For winter 2019, we are organizing a sailing charter to the Grenadines on a comfortable and spacious catamaran.

From 16 to 28 February and from the 28 February to 12 March 2019


Charter Martinique – Martinique: 1680 € per person to sail on a catamaran with a skipper.


Board kitty provided for the charter is 700 € per person.

The board kitty includes: meals on board and the restaurants (including skipper),airport transfers, marina fees and anchorages, water, fuel, cleaning the boat at the end of the charter, customs duties, bedding, damage waiver, rental cars, tours of sites and museums and the clearances for the Grenadines (ca. 100 € per person).

The board kitty does not include the bar consumption.

During the charter we will also do some shopping on local markets to discover local products.

A 13 day charter in the Grenadines on a catamaran where you can:

  • > Swim among colorful fish with disparate forms and sea turtles.
  • > Walk through the tropical scents of the luxuriant forest and to cool off under a waterfall.
  • > Reach an island at the end of the world, leave your footprints in the white sand, to slip under the mangroves and to follow the footsteps of the last iguanas.
  • > Walk through the villages with colorful houses and taste the flavors of the local cuisine.
  • > Taste a lobster on the beach and dance to the beat of a steel band …

There will be fishing equipment on board, so we’ll also catch fish!

Nautitech Open 46″

Catamarn’s name : Maïmiti – Année 2016

Maimiti is a name of Tahitian origin that can be translated as “surge wave”.
It can also designate a woman who comes from the sea …

  • >
    Building site Bavaria Nautitech – Architect Marc Lombard
  • > 4 cabins double + 2 single – 4 Toilets – 2 Bathrooms
  • > Length of hull 13.79 m – Hull width 7.54 m – Draft 1.45 m
  • > Sail surface 112m² – Rigging type Sloop
  • -2 engines – Volvo D2-55 55CV
  • > Fuel capacity tank 2 X 300 L
  • > Battery pack service 800 A – Electric winch and windlass
  • > Exterior GPS ; Autopilot ; Navigation station : Raymarine
  • > -Radio Fusion USB / Bluetooth
  • > Water capacity tank 2 X 300L – Water-maker Aqua signal 50L / h
  • > Deck shower A44
  • > Refrigerator (2) – Freezer
  • > Highfield CL 310 – Outboard 6CV 4-stroke Tohatsu

To live on a sailboat is a little bit different that to live on the ground and there are some rules (rulers) to be respected but so much enjoyment to be discovered! The movements of the sailboat are different on a mono hull and on a catamaran.

The catamaran is more flat, ” it moves less ” but when the sea is trained(formed) the movements can be more struck and it will be necessary to take into account it.

A typical day

Each day according the stopover we will organize a visit to the remarkable sites of Soufriere volcano, a colorful little fishing village, walk around the waterfalls and the tropical forest. At anchor with a motor dingy we will be able to go swimming on the colorful coral reefs and enjoy a multitude of exotic fish. While sailing everyone can participate in the navigation and life on board. Everyone will have a part to play and make full advantage of the crew …

Sailing and Yoga

Suzanna proposes for those who want yoga sessions. Bring a floor mat with you. Cost: 15 € per participant per session.


This itinerary is given for information, it can be modified depending on the weather.

Day 1: Loading and storing the boat during late afternoon, familiarization of the boat. Dinner at one of the restaurants of the marina.

Day 2: Marine St. Lucia, 4 to 5 hours of sailing. Mooring Marigot Bay, a beautiful bay which extends into a very dense and luxuriant forest. Swimming, visiting land and meals on board.

Day 3: Early morning departure for arrival in Bequia in the afternoon, anchorage at Admiralty Bay.

Day 4 : Cap to the island of Mustique billionaires island with its beautiful white sand beaches. Snorkeling between corals and tropical fish. Walk among the superstars of villas built in a revisited nature.

Day 5: Direction and mooring in Canouan at Charleston Bay with good weather. This is one of most beautiful spots of the Grenadines, protected by a coral reef, the water is transparent.

Day 6: Full day at the Tobago Cays – a must when visiting the Grenadines. These coral reefs are protected and are one of the best diving sites in the world … Ti­Ponch evening meal on board.

Day 7: Departure for Union through Morpion, a tiny island of white sand. Anchor at Clifton Harbor, get supplies for the second part of the trip. The evening meal is at the Lambi bar so you can enjoy its Steel Band (Creole).

Day 8: Departure for a short sail, anchor Mayreau, in the beautiful bay of Salt Wistle Bay. Swimming, visiting the island and its church is an half an hour walk. Panoramic views over the Tobago Cays.

Day 9: 5 hours sailing to Petit Nevis. This desert island once home whalers on beaches and at the bottom of the sea you can see whale bones.

Day 10: Sailing to St. Vincent, anchorage at Wallilabou, a large bay bordered by coconut trees. That is where part of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shot. There is a beautiful walking area to the waterfall.

Day 11: St. Lucia, moorings to the two pitons, visit the Soufriere and these warm mud baths, meals on board.

Day 12: Sailing to the Martinique. Anchorage in front the village of Sainte-Anne, one of the most beautiful villages in Martinique. Walks among its colorful shops, punctuated by his Zouk concerts, Steel Bands.

Day 13: Last swimming and back to base, in the marina of Le Marin in Martinique and if you like visit “l’Ile aux fleurs,”. Fort de France with a beautiful colonial architecture, the Creole village, its rum factory and its tropical luxuriance.

Yoga and Sailing

During the charter it will be possible to practice yoga. Let us know if you are interested so we can plan the sessions. The price is 15 € per person per session. If you want to participate please bring your yoga mat.


We can organize transfers from Fort de France to Martinique up to the boat. The cost of the transfer in taxi is from 60 €

Take your luggage in a light flexible bag, it’s easy to store on board

  • > Light clothes for protection against sunburn
  • > Filter sunglasses
  • > A hat to keep the sun from your head
  • > Sunscreen & after sun
  • > Sports shoes and shoes with white sole for the boat
  • > Towels (Beach and Shower)
  • > Pullovers and oilskins – in spite of the sun it is necessary to protect itself from the wind and the sea spray
  • > Do not forget your camera (a submarine, if you have one!)
  • > Palms, masks and snorkels are supplied on board but we recommend you to take your own if you have.


Do not forget:

Passport or valid ID card, license (Bachelor’s degree) of veil (sail) and boating license (if you possess one). We can deliver any certificates for your maritime notebooks to you.


If you are on prescribed medication ensure you travel with it as it will be difficult to find the equivalent on your sailing charter. No specific vaccination is required. An anti-mosquito lotion can be useful for evening ashore.

Towels / Lingerie

Hand towels and bedding are supplied but not bath towels.

Currencies: Euro

This currency is now accepted everywhere in the Caribbean as is USD.


If you suffer from sea sickness take advice from your your doctor or pharmacist. The movement of the sailboat on a catamaran is less than on a monohull but this does not prevent it from rolling in swell.


Mobile phone service depends on your operator. Check before leaving home. Phone boxes will be available at certain locations. We shall also have a walkie-talkie on board to communicate more easily during the stopovers.


You will find Cybercafés and access in bars, restaurants, hotels as well as WiFi hot spots.

The Time Zone

Areas in the Caribbean which use the GMT -5 time zone correspond with Eastern Standard Time in the United States and Canada. Areas in the Caribbean which use the GMT -4 time zone correspond with the Atlantic Standard Time Zone

The hour is constant in winter as in summer in Lesser Antilles. The duration of day in the Antilles is generally equal to the duration of the night, sunrise is at about 6:30 am and sunset at about 6 pm.