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Sailing Charters With Hiking In Turkey & The Dodecanese

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Sailing in Turkey & Hiking

An unforgettable charter to the eastern and the western ports.

On this trip you will discover unspoiled nature, coves with crystal clear waters, colorful traditional villages rich in historical and archaeological sites.

We will sail in the Gulf of Gokova, visit the island of Cleopatra with its ruins – an island plenty of olive trees and of course enjoy its idyllic beach.

We will visit also Bodrum, the white town with its archaeological museum, located inside the castle St. Peter and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


Medsun, a beautiful 29m schooner

Spacious and well equipped, renovated in 2013, this vessel is ideal for a large family or group of friends!

  • 8 double cabins for 16 passengers (including two twin cabins)
  • Each cabin is equipped with a private suite bathroom with hot water
  • Air conditioner (limited)
  • 4 crew members
  • Dinghy

Rates for one week hiking and sailing charter on Medsun

From mid April until mid June and to mid September until mid November 2019:
Flat rate for 10 persons from 7,500 €
Flat rate for 12 persons from 8,200 €
Flat rate for 14 persons from 8,600 €
Flat rate for 16 persons from 9,000 €


The flat rate includes: private hire of the boat with crew, the cost of fuel and port fees, full rent including dinner on the first day and breakfast on the last day (local drinks, water, tea, coffee, fruit juice , sodas and beers), the hiking guide, group transfers to and from the boat and airport.

The package does not include: alcoholic drinks, cancellation insurance and repatriation assistance, entrances to museums and archaeological sites, Greek taxes for navigation in the Greek Islands and tip for crew members.

Depending on the season charters with routes can be arranged.
It is possible to rent all the goélette from mai to november 2019. 
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Sailing & Hiking In Turkey

A week in the Gokova Gulf of Bodrum

On this hiking and sailing holiday you will discover beautiful archaeological sites, old villages and its villagers, half of whom are fishermen, the other half peasants.

You can stroll along the pristine coast of Knidos and the Cedar Island (Island of Cleopatra) with bays and coastal villages of the Gulf (Ören, Çökertme, Masi, Çiftlik).

Hikers enjoy evenings in the calm bays and can take a swim in the clear waters.

Our boat with its crew will be at your disposal. The sailing and hiking charter takes place under the best and safest conditions.

On this trip you will visit one of the most beautiful cities on the Turkish coast: Bodrum (Halicarnassus).

Sail Goelette Gokova - Itinerary

Day 1: Reception at the airport, transfer to the boat, briefing and welcome drink.

According on your arrival time we have a night in a creek near or to the port. Dinner and night on board.

Day 2: Murtala / Mersincik (bit reversed with the seventh day): Navigating to Knidos, archaeological site Carian (says the city staircase and city of Aphrodite). After visiting the site of Knidos (1hr), there are three possibilities depending on weather conditions to reach the cove Mersincik where our boat awaits us.

  • Walk juice to the following bays where the boat awaits to bring us to Mersincik Creek.
  • Boarding to sail to the creek Murtala and disembarkation for a 2 hour hike to reach the creek Mersincik.
  • Transfers by minibus to the village of Cumali (10km) and hiking in Cumali Mersincik (3h).

At Mersincik, swimming, lunch, rest, dinner and overnight stop.

Day 3: Mersincik / Cati: 2 hours walk

3 hours sailing to reach Amazon Bay. Breakfast on the boat or on arrival. Ashore: hike up the creek Büyük Cati (2h). Lunch and rest.

Late afternoon, sail to Cove Balikasiran (jumping fish) a nice little hike through the Gulf of Gokova to the Gulf of Hisarönü (1h). Walk on a beautiful forest road, well marked and clear of earth and sand. Meeting with beekeepers. Arrival in the beautiful cove of Balikasiran (küçük Çati) with sinners. Dinner and overnight in a creek.

Day 4: Cati / 7 islands / Kufre – 2:30 Hiking around, easy no steep hills.

Follow the forest path and ascend the ridge Küfre Bay (south side of Yedi Adalar). The first part of the ride is easy in the middle of a wooded heath land; Then the road rises and runs along the seafront. It dominates the coast and you will discover the Bay of Seven Islands. In Küfre overlooking the cove you can admire the sunset over the bay.

On the roadside: thyme, bay leaves, heather. Resin elderberry “damla saki” (Greek mastiko), turpentine …

On arrival in the creek Küfre: market gardening, livestock: sheep, cows, poultry … river full of fish, turtles … Small suspension bridge which leads the way to the finish. Refreshments restaurant near the river. Refuge of a local personality, original, old sponge fisherman who sells boats that stop in the cove, honey from local beekeepers.

Day 5: Küfre / Balli Su / Island Cleopatra / Port English (small gain); 2:30 walk.

After breakfast, disembarking for a wide pleasant hike up the creek Ballisu. Longoz – Ballisu (2:30) Beautiful forest road, marked heather!

Afternoon sail to the island of Cleopatra Island visit then sail to the English Port.

Dinner and overnight at the English Port.

Day 6: English Port / Çiçekli / Tuzla

After breakfast hike up çiçekli (1:30)

Beautiful dirt road that runs along the coast, many trees, deciduous and persistent arriving at the edge of the sea where a river flows. In October we can walk through the ford (less than knee deep) which shortens the hiking trail. For the more adventurous choose the path and continue all the way around the valley to eventually cross a forest. Lunch in a creek.

The evening arrived in the Bay of Tuzla. Dinner and night in the creek.

Day 7: Tuzla / Cokertme / Bodrum

Morning through to Tuzla Cokertme, breakfast Cokertme then hike to the village of MAZI (2hr). Departure from the olive grove that borders the beach to reach a path that climbs the hills along the shore. The vertical drop is sensitive at times but this is hiking country. A path of earth and uncluttered stones which runs along the coast with very beautiful points of view will offer you Pins, carob trees, olive trees, garrigue … bed of a stream (dry in October) and cisterns. We then arrive at the village of Mazi to join the boat which awaits you in the creek. Lunch on board.

In the afternoon we sail to reach the cove Şeytan Deresi, Devil Creek Şeytan Deresi / Kisrebükü (2 hr walk).

After lunch is a departure for hiking - Şeytan Dersi Kisrebükü - through the forest with beautiful view of the Gulf of Gokova. Lunch on board. Afternoon rest then sail to Bodrum. Visit the castle or mooring in a cove to spend the night (if your flight is in the afternoon the castle tours will take place on day 8)

Day 8: Transfer to Bodrum airport - assistance for departure formalities.

Options: The first and last stage of the day can be reversed, depending on group requirements and weather conditions.

Greek Islands of the Dodecanese (Bodrum / Bodrum)

In recent years # it has been possible to visit the Greek islands on board our schooner from Bodrum. Despite still burdensome administrative requirements (surcharges, sailing restrictions, bans often mean having tospend the nights outside ports ..) you can take a voyage that passes through the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes, rich countries of the Knights of St John, homeland of Hippocrates, Kos, Leros with its natural harbor, Patmos with its monastery overlooking the town, Symie, Kalymnos and Lipsi.

We offer two programs from Bodrum:

North: Kos / Kalymnos / Leros / Patmos / Lipsi.

South: Kos / Nissiros / Rhodes / Symi

Life on board & a typical day:

The schooner trip is a classical sportive voyage. It is above all an encounter with nature, the opportunity to swim in transparent and deliciously cool water, to dive and to discover the secrets of the sea bed, windsurfing or simply sunbathing or fishing. To participate in a schooner charter it is not necessary to have already sailed since the schooner is equipped with a crew at your service. The captain, two or three sailors and a cook taking care of everything. The passengers are on vacation! You will share your morning between sunbathing, swimming and relaxing until lunchtime … sumptuous freshness and nature. Our hikers will associate their favorite activity, down to hiking with navigation, the discovery of landscapes, villages and their inhabitants, history and culture and cuisine. Our floating hotel, your schooner with its onboard services will follow you during your hike.

Take your luggage in a light flexible bag, it's easy to store on board

  • Light clothes
  • Garments to protect your skin from sun burn
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream and after sun
  • Sport shoes with white soles
  • Towels
  • Pullover or sweatshirt
  • Sleeping bag for the early and late seasonsg.
  • Don’t forget:
  • Your passport or identity card
  • your sailing license (if you have one).
  • Notify us of any medical conditions before boarding (food allergies, medication taken etc.)
  • We can attest your sailing certificate.
  • You don’t need:
  • Blankets, pillow, linen however a towel will be provided.
  • Vaccinations are not required.

Currency: Lira

The exchange of foreign currency into Turkish currency must be made on arrival. You can exchange your money when required in one of the numerous exchange offices, banks or hotels. Remember that if you want to exchange your Turkish Lira back to your home currency on the way out (e.g. at the airport), you’ll need to keep the receipts of money exchange or the exchange won’t be accepted.

For conversion rates check out

Life on board a schooner

Life on a sailing boat is a little different from life ashore. There are some rules you have to respect but also a lot of joy to be discovered! The following information and suggestions will help to make your stay aboard as pleasant as possible.

The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport (1h 15m by taxi) or Bodrum airport (2h 30m by taxi) and it is possible also to reach us via airport of Antalya (4h 30m by taxi). Another possibility is to arrive at Rhodes and take one of the daily ferries to Marmaris.

class="clienteditor"Our secretary on Syros can transmit urgent messages and help in case of major difficulty or accidents.

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