Site & Wintering, Shipyard & Storage with Maintenance in the Cyclades

General Information

At the heart of the Cyclades on the island of Syros, the administrative and cultural capital of the Aegean, there is a facility for safe and efficient in order to winterize your boat.

Escale Yachting offers you full support for your boat with a full range of maintenance and repair services. Throughout the year you can easily reach Syros from Athens by ferry or plane thanks to daily connections.

Due to professional contacts we can quickly organize repair work or servicing that may need to be carried out:

  • Disposal and water – ground parking.
  • Hull and deck: Work and maintenance of plastic and wood, careening, cleaning, anti-fouling, polish, preventive treatment osmosis, polyester lamination, epoxy 
  • Mechanical: Service and engine flushing out of the water, engine repair and overhaul (main and auxiliary) and all hydraulic and mechanical components …
  • Rigging: Mast adjustment, modification, maintenance sails, cleaning and repair …
  • Installation of electrical and electronic equipment …
  • Expertise and technical advice before buying or selling, work monitoring, technical estimation, legal and administrative.

The prices (excluding tax) are calculated according to the size and type of vessels – monohull – Catamarans – Power Yachts.

  • From 10 to 14 € / foot for the exit and the launching (including the wash of the hull).
  • From 5 to 7 € / foot per month for parking on land.

Allow about 70% extra for the catamarans.

For the size of your boat in feet, simply divide the number of meters by 0.3 (eg a boat of 12 meters equals 40 feet).

A few words about Syros

Hermoupolis is the capital of the Cyclades and the capital of Syros island as well. Syros is also the administrative centre of one of the thirteen regions of Greece, the Region of the Southern Aegean Sea. The island covers an area of 84 km2 and has around 22000 inhabitants.

The history of Syros is as old as the prehistoric period. Findings of a prehistoric settlement in the North part of the island dating back to 2700-2200 BC, show that not only was Syros inhabited, but it also was the centre of one of the phases of the First Cycladic Civilisation. Findings also suggest that Syros had developed trade and was connected to various other islands, as well as to the mainland.

The impressive Settlement of Ano Syros, which entices the visitors while they are still on the boat deck approaching the island, reminds us of the medieval history of the island. After the fall of Constantinople to the Crusaders in 1204, Syros and other islands were occupied by the Latins.

The frequent attacks of pirates at the time forced the inhabitants of Ano Syros to fortify their settlement, not by building external fortification, but in the very way the settlement itself is built: houses built side by side, with only seven gates letting people in. Ano Syros is also the birthplace of Markos Vamvakaris, the “patriarch” of Greek Rembetiko music.

Hermoupolis had not been built until the early 19th century, when Greek refugees from other islands were chased during the Greek War of Independence and found shelter on Syros, which enjoyed special privileges due to its protection by Italy and France. The arrival of these refugees led to a fast development of Hermoupolis and its transformation to a wealthy centre of industry, transit trade and culture. This is when the city was named after the Greek mythology god, Hermes. The city was never the official capital of the country; practically though, it was the port of Hermoupolis the one connecting Greece with both Europe and the East, and even with North America once in two weeks.

The city featured numerous industrial plants of over 20 different types. At the same time, Syros was a cultural centre as well. It has the first opera house of Greece: inaugurated in 1864, the ‘Apollo Theatre’ is based on the prototype of Milan’s Scala.

Apollo Theatre

Despite the decline that started in the late 19thcentury when Piraeus and Athens were developed, all traces of the glorious history of Hermoupolis can still be seen today. The marble-paved streets, as well as all the major landmarks of the city centre (Apollo Theatre, Town Hall, impressive churches and old factories) will travel you back in time, making your visit a unique experience.

Syros Map