All You Need To Know To Get Ready For Your Sailing Charter


Being Prepared Pays Dividends!

Travel with a soft flexible bag as it lighter to carry easy to store on board.

  • > Light clothes to protect from sunburn and wind and spray while at sea
  • > Filtering sunglasses
  • > A hat to protect from the sun
  • > Sun and after sun cream
  • > Sports shoes and shoes with white sole for the boat
  • > Towels (Beach and Shower)
  • > Pullovers and oilskins (in spite of the sun it is necessary to protect itself from the wind and the sea sprays)
  • > A sleeping bag for early & late season departures
  • > Do not forget your camera (submarine, if you have!)
  • > Palms, masks and snorkels are supplied on board but we recommend you to take your own equipment.

Do Not Forget:

Passport or valid ID card, license of sail and boating license (if you possess it) We can deliver you any certificates for your maritime notebooks


If you require medication don’t forget to bring it with you as it will be difficult to you to find the equivalent from your home country. No particular vaccination is required. Mosquito repellant can be useful for you while out in the evening.


How to fight against the seasickness?

A sailboat moves, it “runs” from one edge to another according to slowly the reeling of waves. This roll can seem uncomfortable when first encountered. Sickness can take various forms depending on each individual: slumber, light nausea, nausea, fatigue. Unfortunately there is no easy cure in the seasickness! However, do not worry, if you are sensitive to the rotation of the sailboat, you go to get used to life at sea very fast! When you have completed your first sailing your body is automatically going to settle on the movements of the boat and from the second you will feel nothing more.

If you are concerned about sea sickness seek professional advice from your doctor and seek remedies from your pharmacist.

To help avoid seasickness:

  • > Settle down the center of the boat because that is where stability is maximal and keep well ventilated.
  • > Look far! If you are sensitive to the seasickness, do not read, do not smoke and avoid looking at the movements of the boat or its trail as these could activate a sensation of dizziness.
  • > Sleep. Your skipper stays up you and will ensure your safe arrival at an anchorage or marina ! He’s there to take care of you !


How Long Do We Navigate Every Day (On Average)?

Every morning your skipper presents the daily route. If you sail in the Cyclades, the navigations between islands do not exceed 35 miles. The nautical mile is the unit of distance used in sea and air navigation. Its distance (1,852 meters) is not arbitrary: it corresponds to the length of one minute of degree of latitude measured on the equator. The speed expressed in knots bases itself on the nautical mile: a knot corresponds to a nautical mile per hour.

Our sailboats move forward according to winds but their average is about 6 knots per hour. It is therefore necessary to calculate a small average from 5 to 6 hours sailing per day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But do not worry ! Every evening we arrive safe and sound !

Do We Sail During Night?

It will reassure some and will disappoint it maybe others but the answer is no. The night is for sleep and rest. We arrive after beautiful days of sailing in small sheltered and quiet ports or in large quiet bays for anchorage.

On the other hand, if you navigate on a deck chair we ask to all the crew to participate actively in the quarters of night. Each has to hold his quarter to assure the safety and the proper functioning of the boat. It is a question of organization and discipline of edge. And the opportunity also to contemplate every night the rain of falling stars and to feel this atmosphere of the night sailing.

What’s An Anchorage?

To wet a ship is the action consisting in casting anchor correctly, so that it holds, so that it hooks and so that the boat is no risk during the duration of the anchorage – often one night. It is made in a bay or a creek sheltered from the prevailing wind so that the boat is safe. The anchorage is the opportunity to organize barbecue on the beach and we take all the necessary equipment with us. It is an adventure which often delights both young and old!

Showers On Board?

Yes! There are showers with hot water on board our sailboats. Some are in an interior cabin, sometimes two and always a shower at the aft. Please remember water is a precious reserve on board and must not be wasted. Every time we arrive at the port, we connect the boat to the water of the platform to fill reservoirs. While this is happening you can obviously take showers on board. We recommend you to use biodegradable products to respect at the most the marine environment.

We go to port almost every evening or two so you will not be lacking a shower! However in the evenings when we anchor away from a port or marina we ask you to be economical with water.

Participation On Board

In addition to sailing all daily tasks onboard are shared such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the boat, food shopping etc. All this is done in good humor and conviviality.

Each participant is fully part of the crew and can participate in steering the boat and in life on board. Sailing experience is not required. Our skippers have a good knowledge of the Greek Islands and will advise you and guide you in sailing through the Cyclades.

The shopping is made at the beginning of the week from the kitty box so necessary resupplying allows to preparation of good lunches! We are always delighted to discover your recipes !

In the evening we have dinner in the small authentic restaurants which line ports and beaches where we stop. We also organize delicious barbecues like in the time of the pirates!

Reservation / Payment

Your reservation order should be made in written form and sent to us by email, fax or mail. To prepare the contract and the crew list of the charter documents for the Greek authorities, Escale Yachting needs the following personal data of each participant of the charter: First name, last name, date of birth, nationality, number of ID-Card or passport. This information is confidential and will not be disclosed for purposes other than those defined above.

To confirm the charter, 50% of the total fee must be paid upon booking. The balance will be due 4 weeks before departure. The payment of the deposit and the entire charter implies that the participant agrees to all of our terms and conditions. We finally confirm your charter to you by email or mail upon receipt of your deposit.

The board kitty fund board has to be paid locally in cash.

Rates & Kitty

There are two weekly rates, one for high season and one for low season. A single supplement of 70% is required for single cabin occupancy. The rate for children 7 to 12 years and 70% of the adult rate for the first child and 50% for the second child (it is the same for the kitty). The price includes: Accommodation on the yacht (in shared double cabin with either one double bed or bunk beds according availability), the services of skipper, bedding & linen, towel and insurance on board. For the additional expenses a board kitty is set up: 270 € per person per week is estimated. The board kitty covers: meals aboard or at a tavern (including skipper’s meals), port expenses, water, fuel and the end cleaning of the boat. Consumption ashore (bar or other) are not included in the board kitty. Also not included in the board kitty are transfers and car or motor-bike rental during your stay. The kitty is managed by the skipper considering all common daily expenses. The skipper keeps a record of all expenses in a book that can be reviewed at any time by the participants. If the number of participants is small (less than 4 persons) it is possible that the kitty might not be sufficient. In this case we will ensure that the individual cost does not exceed the estimated amount by arranging more meals onboard and less in tavernas.

Travel Documents

All participants of the charter must have valid passports or ID-Cards (for EU members only) and valid visas were required. Passengers will not be permitted to sail without proper documentation.

No refund of a charter fare will be given to any passenger failing to bring such documentation.

Guaranteed Departures

Departures are guaranteed for at least 4 participants per charter. If the number of participants is not met we can combine our charter programs. We may also cancel the charter if the number of participants is not enough. In this case we refund all money paid without the participant being entitled to any compensation (21 days before the scheduled departure of the charter).

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel the charter up to 21 days prior to departure for security reasons, social events, strikes, natural disasters. In this case we will refund all fees already payed for each participant. Nevertheless, no compensation will be paid to those expenses incurred by you (flight tickets, ferry tickets, accommodation bookings etc.).

If you cancel your charter you must inform us in writing by email or mail. The date of receipt determines the cost deducted from the amount of the charter. No charge to more than 30 days before departure, 25% from 29 to 21 days before departure, 50% from 20 to 8 days before departure, 75% from 7 to 2 days before departure, 100% within 2 days before departure.

In case of cancellation by you we will charge for secretarial expenses the sum of 50 €.

Itineraries & Weather

In general we will follow the itinerary for each charter as described. In case of adverse weather conditions or an event of force majeure we may modify any given itinerary for your own safety. First and foremost the skipper is responsible for the safety of all passengers during the trip. Our yachts are ideal for use in this area. However vessels are not permitted to sail when the wind force is higher than 8 Beaufort (Gale Force 8) and the yacht has to moor at a safe place. This can happen but rarely for more than 24 hours. In this case the skipper will propose alternative activities on land. No refund will be paid if the yacht is disabled due to weather conditions.

Medical & Physical Condition

Each participant of the charter has to declare to be in a good moral and physical condition for sailing. Participants requiring special medical treatment and / or a particular follow-up at the time of presence on board must be reported to Escale Yachting when the reservation is made. Any requirements for special dietary or medication as well as any physical disability requiring special care during the charter must be reported to the skipper.

Embarkation & Disembarkation

Embarkation is scheduled for Sunday at 6 pm and disembarkation for Sunday at 9 am unless otherwise agreed. We recommend you provide us with a mobile phone number so that we can contact you in case of unforeseen alternation in embarkation planning.

Major Damage

After embarkation and in case of damage not caused by the participants which results that the yacht is not able to sail Escale Yachting will give a refund or replacement of lost days excluding the first 24 hours. Excluded from this clause is any auxiliary equipment other than propulsion.


In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems you must immediately inform the skipper or the office of Escale Yachting. We cannot accept any complaints that were not reported during the charter.


All boats and crew are insured in case of accidents and serious damage but if during the charter you happen to lose or damage something, you should replace it or refund. For any damage or loss of equipment caused by the crew during a maneuver or otherwise a deposit of 50 € per person will cover the cost of repair or replacement. We recommend each participant to have repatriation insurance.

The Skippers

Our skippers are French and / or English speaking and know the area you will sail in well. For those who want to learn to sail or improve their sailing skills our skippers are always ready to assist. At every island stopover the skipper will give you information and suggestions about interesting places, best tavernas, bars or museums to visit. However our skippers are not tour guides.

Families & Children

Families with children are welcome on board. Children must be at least 7 years old and must know how to swim. In general any participant younger than 18 years has to be accompanied by an adult. We do our best to form homogeneous groups for each yacht. Note that the charter program is for the whole crew and it is not organized specifically for children.

We advise families to choose a private charter with skipper that makes it possible to individually adapt the sailing time and program.


Pets are not allowed on board.


At the end of the charter, if participants are satisfied , it is custom to give a tip to the skipper (30 € per person is an appropriate tip).